Areas of Expertise
Near-Surface Geophysics
-R&D;  -Applications
Near-Surface Phenomenology
Microgravimetry and Magnetometry
Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods
Engineering and Environmental Geoscience
Archaeological Geoscience
Soil and Rock Mechanics
Cavity and Tunnel Detection
Karst Site Characterization
Groundwater Exploration and Resources
Anomalous Seepage Assessment
Unexploded Ordnance
Expert Witness
Technical Litigation Consultation

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Applied Geophysics Consultancy LLC [email protected]

Applied Geophysics
Consultancy, LLC
View from Wright Flyer, ca 1910
Recommended Sources for Geophysical Surveys:

Ron Kaufmann, Spotlight Geophysics                          

Rick Miller, Kansas Geological Survey

Recommended Sources for Geophysical Equipment Rental

K.D. Jones Instruments 

Exploration Instruments LLC
         Cavity, Tunnel, and
Underground Facility Detection.
Karst Features in Dam Abutment.
Unexploded Ordnance Cleanup